Most children aren’t too interested in having their photos taken, so it can sometimes be quite a job trying to capture good images of them.

When taking good photos of children you need to be quick thinking as well as quick with your trigger finger.

If the child is having fun while you’re taking the photos things will be a lot easier for both of you.

If you can get the child involved there will be a better chance of getting a natural picture.

Sitting somebody down on a couch and telling them to smile usually doesn’t do the trick. It might be a better idea to let them do something interesting and what they like doing.

An example would be taking the child to a zoo, park, or beach, where they can do what comes naturally to them. Be aware that most children are pretty restless and they move from one thing to the next in a matter of seconds, so be prepared and take your shots before you lose the chance.

You’ll likely be holding the camera by hand, not with a tripod, so you might want to use a relatively high ISO and a pretty fast shutter speed if they’re moving around a lot. The child will feel more comfortable if you get down and shoot at their eye level instead of taking the photos from above.

When the child’s comfortable with you and the surroundings try and get a little closer to the action so you can capture some intimate shots and facial expressions.


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