capturing photoI know how much you would like your pictures of your unforgettable moments to come out the way you want them to.

You will want the look that makes the photo so real and gives you a chance to look back and enjoy the moment once again.

For you to achieve this you need to know how to take the perfect photos despite the weather, time and occasion.

You can adjust the lighting of your camera to suit the conditions and get the photo you want or rather, the photo you deserve.

With the tips below you will never go wrong when taking photos.


Backlighting is a lighting technique that illuminates the subject. This will bring a glow to the subject and is an artistic way of lighting in photography. The effect is beautiful; you definitely would love to try it.

Side lighting

Side lighting is another lighting that introduces shadows into the picture and has its own uniqueness and will definitely bring out a “wow” out of you. You wouldn’t believe you are the one who took that photo.

Take a moment to feel that moment I know you want it! Fortunately you can feel it.

You can use natural and artificial lighting alike and still get remarkable results! With artificial light you can control the direction in which the light is coming from in order to enhance the image.

It is really easy to choose the position in daylight that would help in bringing out the best out of your photos. Am sure we have experienced the occasional overexposed photos or blurred photos that are not so clear because of the sun that just destroyed the whole picture.

Too much light is not good, monitor the amount of light that falls on your image and you will be in the right direction.

With soft light you highlight the tiny details such as the face and the hair of the image; an image you would just love to produce on one’s day, be it a wedding, birthday or engagement.

Did you know that the camera today with a few adjustments allows you to adjust the settings of your camera to suit the environment’s lighting thus producing excellent photos?

Apart from the lighting photos mentioned above the sunny 16 rule is another option. This involves changing your aperture to f/16 and the shutter speed to 1/1200 depending on the ISO, which in this case has to be ISO100. Sounds difficult, but really it is easy. Applying any of these techniques can give you the best photo results in terms of your lighting.


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