For the majority of the photographers the digital camera is more than just a toy. They want to make the best of it and so they are looking for tips for Canon digital cameras. There are a lot of aspects that you can think about but start with the basic aspects.


Cover the screen

The first thing you should do with a new digital camera is to cover the screen to protect it against nicks and scratches. Shooting photos isn’t that much fun if the screen has scratches, not to mention that the resale value of the camera will decrease. Such protective films cost about $10.

Storage capacity

In the moment when you are looking for Canon digital camera tips you should think about upgrading the storage space. Having 1GB is hardly enough these days. Make sure that the media that you choose is high speed, because sometimes this makes all the difference. Having a lot of storage is especially important if you are making videos.

When it comes to tips for Canon digital cameras you should know that some of the models, such as Power Shot take only rapid shot photos of high quality when they are working with a high speed SD card. This is why you need a really good card for your camera.

Reading the manual

Although you might think that you don’t have to consider this Canon digital camera tricks, it always helps to start with reading the manual. In the majority of the cases you will find the answer to your questions by flipping a few pages. Usually the manuals give you general tips like the rule of thirds.

If you think that the tips for Canon digital cameras that you can find in the manual aren’t useful, then you’re not the professional photographer that you think you are. This means that you never read the manual or you simply don’t know the basic rules of photography.

The flash

One of the best advices for using the Canon digital camera is try not to use the flash; your photos will thank you. Naturally in some cases it is a necessity, such as in case of outdoor photos. Also make sure that you hold the camera steady.

There are a lot of different tips for Canon digital cameras that you may find, but you could experiment on your own too.


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