For those passionate about photography going on a vacation can become a challenge to capture the best possible shots. In case you are a fan of unique photographs and you are on a quest to put your friends in an awe with your work, creating a vacation photography slideshow is the best idea.

Tips and Apps and Gear to help you Create a Travel Photo Slideshow

How to Make it Look Like Professional Work?

In case you plan to create a slideshow that will have a professional look remember you are making one when taking the pictures. Always think before capturing an image how will that image fit in the slideshow you are planning. Focus on telling a story and plan the shots accordingly. Random shots can be integrated in the slideshow but that requires additional work and editing so in case you think you will have the time and patience to do that you can shoot randomly too.

It’s all about your Personal Vision

A lot of people most likely shot the same scenery and objects you are shooting in your vacation. The way you see things is what makes your vacation photographs unique. Explore different angles, shoot in different light, place your mark over the photographs. You can shoot the Eiffel tower in a rainy day or get pictures of SagradaFamilia in the blurry light of the morning .

Simply keep in mind that all the regular items people shoot when in vacation are different when looked upon with a specific purpose in mind. In case of a video slideshow you can make an impression by integrating a unique photography of a very famous place or monument.

Details vs. The Big Picture

Like any story, a vacation photography slideshow needs to paint a big picture in the beginning. In case you are visiting a city get on a rooftop and capture a big ensemble. After that  use the magnifying glass style and shoot closer and closer until you get to interesting details such as statues, wall decorations, people eating on a terrace, flowers hanging in an awesome looking balcony…etc…

Apps and Gear to Make it Easier

In case you are not professionally geared to shoot amazing photographs you can always choose cool apps to make you vacation photographies memorable.

For example, ShakeIt Photo can help you add a Polaroid look to the shots you take with your smartphone or you can use Canon EOS 7D the perfect SLR for amateur photographers, to capture the bestpics during your vacation.


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