moon photographyThere, people feel tempted to take pictures as soon as they watch the moon they like or a sky full of stars.

Therefore, here are some keys to improve your photo shootings even if you are not thinking of being a professional.

For instance, if you want to take a picture of the moon on a full moon, then you have to consider the number of mega pixels and to use specific lens.

Remember that the better pixels your camera has the bigger focal lens you are able to use. As soon as you have your camera ready, you need to set the camera to manual exposure.

Here you can modify the amount of light of the picture. Then you can highlight the moon and the stars a little bit in order to keep the sky dim.

Another thing to consider is the place you are taking the picture. A clean and dark sky is always a better choice to take good pictures of the moon and the stars.

If you are looking forward to take better pictures than the ones you take from your balcony, then it would be good to go somewhere out of pollution and city lights.

A mountain or a rural area could be a good spot to take clear pictures. You should always prefer dry weather since there is less humidity in the air and the stars look little distorted.

Right after you took your pictures, you can improve them a little bit with any photo editing program. You can highlight the yellow color of the moon towards a black sky.

You can make moon craters more evident by applying the correct color filters and shadows. Also, you can reduce noise and make the star lights more vivid.



  1. Nice article with some very helpful hints on getting started with photographing moon and the stars! These tips are really useful for me as an amateur photographer.This is a great photo blog.Thanks!

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