In the modern photography art the lack of optical clarity and photographing the object in motion, have a larger impact in the every day photography composition.

The images created by long exposure periods not only dissolve the borders of the shapes in movement but introduce in the composition an element specific to the photography. This element is called movement time.

Unavoidably, through losing the shape lines the objects tend to dissolve inside the composition. The result is a way of expression specific for photography which was taken and experimented by the modern photography pioneers.

Later in the modern deconstruction, Michael Wesley, an artist born in 1963, living in Berlin, took the movement blur in photography and by different technical means has generated in a contemporary context a remarkable plastic tool.

The photography with a long exposure time or the ones with lack of optical clarity are not exactly recent. The technical and artistic concept has the same age with the photography itself generated by the low sensibility of the lab materials. Presently the exposure times vary extremely from 1/8000 seconds to exposures of hours or even months.

The secret of a successful photography with long exposure time is a solid tripod and a camera which allows long exposure.

Photo Credit: Rhonda Murr


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