A lot of people have heard of the rule of thirds when it comes to photography, but aren’t really sure what it means. Many beginners pick up a digital camera and place their subject directly in the middle of the frame. While this may be good for images such as group shots and other circumstances, it can lead to some boring photos if the subject is always centred in them.

If you’d like to take some more eye-pleasing photos, it’s a good idea to adhere to the rule of thirds. Basically you separate the photo frame into horizontal and vertical lines which make squares.

This will actually resemble a game board, such as tic-tac-toe with nine equal-sized squares on it. Of course, it’s pretty hard to do unless you visualize it in your mind.

When you’re ready to take your photo try not to place the subject in the middle of the frame, but place it at a point in the frame where two of the lines meet. The photo will usually be more appealing if the subject or topic is at one of these four intersecting points.

However, while it’s called the rule of thirds, it doesn’t mean you should use it for all of your photos. Creativity and a good imagination will lead to more fun in your photography, as will a little variety.


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