photosWhile you are composing a photograph you have to respect a series of generally accepted rules which help obtaining the so craved, harmonious framing.

Obviously the composition criteria are not mandatory but have to be followed always if a visual impact is expected to occur.

The composition rules have as main purpose pushing forward the subject and focusing the eye towards a specific photographic area in order to transmit a particular message.

When you want to photograph a horizon line, placing it in the middle of the picture, something that always comes as a temptation, will split the frame in two halves resulting most of the time a random, plain photograph.

If by opposite we place the horizon line on one of the “strong” lines lifting or raising the horizon, the picture will underline either the sky or the interesting elements on the ground.

A small composition without useless elements in the frame transmits the message a lot easier. The fewer elements in the frame, the easiest to control, arrange and capture the eye’s attention towards the subject. This can be done either through the movement of the photographer or by using large focus distances.

The first method of simplifying a composition is to get positioned as close to the subject as possible. Frame the subject so it will fill the entire photograph and the usage of a small field depth will underline the subject even more because the background will lose clarity.

Some of the techniques used to create tension, movement and to capture attention inside a photograph are represented by the usage of the lines guiding the eye.

The lines can be image elements like a fence, road lines or a railway, and the important part is they will guide the eyes to the interest point which is the subject of the photography.

When the frame contains well drawn lines getting out of the frame, it’s recommended framing them that they will leave the photo through a corner.

If the lines leave the photo from a side or even worse, from the center, you will get a divided frame beyond repair. Of course there are exceptions but a railway exiting the photo through a corner will result in a harmonious composition.

The horizontal lines suggest stability and organize a frame creating rhythm and patterns inside a photograph. The most common line will change the horizon and create perfect composition writing inside a photograph the beauty only the sound of a symphony has.


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