When taking shots while traveling, it’s often interesting to capture some images of the local citizens or fellow tourists. However, the polite thing to do is always ask permission before you take a photo of somebody, especially if it’s at close range.

If you learn enough about the local language you can greet them and ask if it’s okay to take a shot. At least learning to say hello and pointing to the camera will show you have made some type of effort.

Most people will agree if they’ve been asked kindly in advance. In fact, some of them may even be flattered that you’re interested in them and what they’re doing.

In some busy place you might run into people who are tired of being photographed, especially if tourists haven’t asked permission.

These people could feel a little exploited or abused. You’ll also come across people in some poor countries who may ask you for money in exchange for posing for a photo.

The money asked for may not be much to you, but could mean a lot to them, but it’s up to each individual how they deal with this situation.

There are going to be a lot of times where you won’t be able to or need to ask for permission when taking a photo, such as crowded locations. Most people understand that you’re focusing on the scene and not one specific person.


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