The Perfect Digital Capture Of The Outdoors Inside Your Home

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We know digital photography is an art that requires concentration, artistic ideas and mostly challenging directions, destinations and places.

This is not an easy issue sometimes. The professionals in this matter have been noticing that you can always find an excuse to not go out of the studio. Getting out into the world is a weapon for the photographer, but what happens if you really don’t want to go out?

outdoor photography

One of the biggest names in the outdoor photography Mike Moats has a simple decision to this problem. According to him, the adventure photography can be achieved from your own room or studio.

The photographer explained he understands that the outdoor images somehow depend on the mood of the artist. Therefore, if you don’t want to go out, just don’t.

Transform your own studio into a landmark you would want to shoot and do it as you think this exactly is the nature you would want to capture.

Mike has an example of his claims. He took artificially colored bird feathers in his studio and thanks to a special technique he produced an image as if he was hunting the feathers out into the wilderness.

The professional simply used an extension tube and wide aperture, in order to focus the feathers in depth. The result is stunning and proves you can take the outdoor subjects indoor.

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