Discovery Magazine is perhaps one of the most famous sources of spectacular panoramic photography in the world.

This is not an overrated statement, but one focused on the beauty of the photographical art and illustrated by a magazine known to deliver only quality information.

David Griffin, the genius behind so many of the photography masterpiece choices from Discovery Magazine, offers a look into the photography genius and shares his interpretation and opinion focusing on nothing else than the message.

In his opinion, the photography needs to tell a story. This story is the definition of the connection the photography art is able to create between two or thousands of people.

Whether he talks about the Russian tale seen through a window, the jet landing into an amazing display of colors only the digital era is capable to reproduce, his voice shows admiration. Each of the National Geographic magazine photos are, in his opinion, are links connecting humanity and vision.

We can let ourselves be amazed by the clarity of the Afghan girl’s eyes or see the freedom in the eyes of the polar bear swimming under the Arctic Ocean.

Beyond all these photographs the genius is there to let us know we can be linked when we hold our breath in front of an amazing image.

And nobody explains it better than David Griffin.


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