digital focusWhen thinking about photographing the fire the possibilities are infinite and so are the challenges.

We are used to take pictures of sunlight and lime light, of manipulating direct light and focusing it into a picture but what is the right recipe to create a magical frame in the least light possible.

The flame of a candle can be the source of magical photographs and the only one responsible for this magic is how much the one taking the picture can feel the warmth of the scenery.

A tripod is a must in order to escape the problems caused by the handshake. Also the perfect scenery is a room – at night and a lighted candle.

The best way to go is to experiment with the different settings of the camera, do not be afraid to overexpose a photograph in order to get more intense results.

Use only manual focus because in dark photos the automatic settings give weaker results.

Of the most simple and common shots on this topic, we can remember as treasured memories the ones of the moments spend around a camp fire.

The pictures are not hard to take, the only secret being to set up the camera for a longer exposure and this way the fire will look a lot softer and those wonderful sparks will generate exquisite light effects.

The magic of the fire will print into the photograph. The largest amount of attention must go to the time of exposure because if the fire appears too bright, it will make the background effects fade away.

If this aspect is carefully covered, it will generate amazing results.


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