The problem with getting blurry photos is that you may not know the reason why. Two of the most common causes are camera shake and taking photos that aren’t in focus. But how do you determine what you’re doing wrong when taking your shots? You need to narrow it down so you know how to solve the problem.

Generally, if your whole photo image is blurry then it’s usually the result of camera shake. This means the subject, foreground, and background are all out of focus. There will likely be no sharp points in the image.

If you see a ghost, or a double image, then the chances are good that the photo suffered from camera shake when you pressed the shutter down. You might not see two complete images that are the same, but you might notice the edge of the subject has been produced twice.

The Difference Between Camera Shake and Poor Focus

If there is motion blur in the photo, which means it looks like your subject is moving, then it’s also a good bet that the camera was moving during the exposure period. If your subject or topic was a still-life one and it appears to have motion, then you’ll know the camera moved for sure.

The best way to solve camera shake is to stabilize the camera as much as possible. Some digital cameras have a stabilizing option on them. You may also want to use a tripod or learn how to hold the camera as steady as possible.

When your photos suffer from poor focusing, you’ll usually notice that your subject is out of focus and another part of the image is in focus. Look closely and if you find this is the case, it means you’ve focused on the wrong thing. The best way to solve this is with practice. You may also want to use the manual focus option just in case the auto focus is locking in on the wrong part of the image.


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