The Descendants has made a revolution into digital art. In case you are wondering what exactly this is – it is a 14-minute animated short, made with an entirely new technology of three artists, inspired by the digital photography.


The short movie is based on two characters, voices by the famous Whoopi Goldberg and Christy Scott-Cashman. The story follows the growth of two flowers that wish to “attain the unattainable”.


The flowers are made like people that simply try to figure out how something good can evolve from something evil. The producers of the project are three students, who actually used the Descendants as a diploma work.


Holger Schoenberger, Bernhard Haux and Goro Fujita simply wanted to produce a digital art that is close to real life, but yet using creative point of view. Animator, photographers and special effect technicians have met in a perfect collaboration for the Descendants. There are many aspects of this project, but most amazingly is their clever technical approach.


The creators needed a special program that helps to automate the main tasks like creating composting, starting renders and mostly executing scripts in multiple scenes. This is how the “Shot Manager” was built.

Due to it, the makers of the short was able to split the set into six multiple reference models, as well as the scene layering inside of the scene manager. The program is now in a process of improvement and soon it will be released to help other digital artists with creative ideas.


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