Holding your camera by hand when taking photos in low light without the aid of any accessories can often result in some unsatisfactory images because of camera shake. One way to try and keep it steady is to make sure you are using the correct stance.

While most photographers have no problem with holding a camera in their hands, some of them disregard the aspect of body position, which can be quite important.

A lot of photographers will lean forward, which leaves their arms to keep their camera steady. However, it’s usually a better idea to let your legs keep the camera steady and hold the weight, much like when lifting a heavy object.

You should hold the camera with both of your hands and keep your left hand on the lens while your right hand will hold the camera body and also control the shutter.

Then you should step forward half a step and keep the knees bent. This will allow you to distribute the weight equally over both your legs.

Raise your camera to your usual shooting position and squeeze your elbows tightly against the sides of your body.

The position of your left forearm will be completely vertical and positioned behind your toes. Make sure you don’t lean forward to take the weight off your legs as this can end up producing camera shake.


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