Buy a camera, take some pictures, and you’re done being a photographer? No, not really. Becoming agood photographer takes more than just a camera and some photos randomly taken.

First of all the person in question must have solid knowledge regarding the art of photography and also the technology involved in the activity.

You could learn all this from another photographer, but in case you would like to widen your horizons, think about reading some material written by professionals.

The Best Reads for a Digital Photographer

One of the books that you might consider useful has the title “Hot Shoe Diaries” and it is written by Joe McNally. The author has been a photographer for the last 30 years and he has been working with National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and also Times.

The main topic of the book is to present the methods used by the author involving the hot shoe flashes to achieve marvelous results. The topic is presented through case studies to make everything more practical.

Another interesting book written by the same author, Joe McNally, has the title “The Moment It Clicks”. The case studies presented on the book are based on the experience that the author had with the little workshops that he organizes every year.

Only a small number of photographers get the chance to participate and this way you might also find out what they are doing at the workshop.

If you would like to think big, then the book “Material World: A Global Family Portrait” could be the perfect one for you. It has been written and created by Peter Menzel, Paul Kennedy and Charles C. Mann.

The work behind the book has been inspired by the International Year of the Family by the United Nations in 1994. Peter Menzel gathered a group of the best photographers of the time and he convinced them to live with a statistically average family for one week. This way the photographers covered 30 countries, and the book presents the families they photographed.

Technology is all around us, and this is why the photographers should learn to use it effectively. The book called “The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers” written by Peter Krogh will teach you this. The main point of the book is to show methods of handling a large amount of pictures, regarding filing, protecting, finding, and re-using them.

At some point the photographers might ask themselves: “Which aperture offers the greatest contrast and sharpness, and when is the right time to use it?’ You will find an answer for this question in the book “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson.

After reading this Photography Book you will never use the auto mode again.

One of the most important factors that make every photographer unique is their vision. It takes time to discover it and also to express it, but the book “Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision” might help you.

This has been written by David duChemin and it will provide you with case studies, numerous pictures and inspiration to express yourself.


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