multiple exposureIf you want to have a bit of fun with your digital camera, then try using multiple exposures. This is becoming a dying tradition in recent years but is set to make a big comeback.

You can create some really great artwork and produce some pretty impressive pictures.

Not all cameras will be able to produce a multitude of exposures in this way and often it depends on price.

More expensive models usually can do a lot more although if all you want to do is take family snaps then it is not worth getting too carried away.

However software like Photoshop and a variety of others means you can play around with your photographs even creating the effect of multiple exposures just by changing certain aspects of a particular shot.

It is well worth experimenting as you really can produce some very arty and original images.

With modern technology it is also easy to have these enlarged for use as wall art. You could go so far as to mount them on an artist’s canvass, the latter being readily available in many stores, very cheaply.

Be creative and see what you can achieve, digital camera software is not just about printing standard pictures. Once you get the bug you will be trying out lots of things with your Photoshop software and it really can become quite addictive.

With screen blending mode, it is the combining of three fairly interesting pictures to achieve one unbelievable unique one.

Inspiration is everywhere and before you decide to delete images not quite up to scratch why not mix them together and see what happens.


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