blur pictureCamera shakes often produce fuzzy and unclear photographs, mostly because our hands will be shaking when trying to focus on a subject.

Causes include the incorrect handling of the camera, shutter speed that is relatively low and just technique errors.

To reduce shakes while taking photos make sure you are pressing the correct buttons.

You should be gentle when you press the shutter release especially. It is at this point that most of us lose it, by either pressing too hard or with force.

In all the processes involved in shooting a photograph, this is the crucial part where you have to make sure that your camera is steady. Or else you will have to regret a blurred picture.

Did you know that even a breath can cause a shaky picture? So when you are about to shoot, pull your elbows in or press them down to your chest to keep steady.

Avoid breathing out when you are just about to click the shutter button. It’s not a comfortable position but you will only have to endure it for a few seconds. That’s the small price to pay for a good picture.

Place your camera on a stable surface like a table or window sill. Whatever you use will depend where your subject is. If you don’t have such a support near by then you can lean on someone’s shoulder so you can be balanced and shake free.

A shoulder to lean on can substitute a tripod if you do not have one. This will only work though if your friend can support your weight, because you are throwing all your weight on him. Otherwise, it has been tried and tested.

You need to hold your camera with firm or strong hands. If you hold it with your fingers, then you are most likely to produce shaky photos.

Fingers are not strong; they are rather weak and the most unstable part of your body when they are holding something.

Why do you think we are always dropping glasses? So to rely on your fingers alone to steady your camera is foolish. Embrace your camera with the right firmness.

Take up a stance that will leave you balanced and able to support yourself without shaking. For example, stand with your feet wide apart. You will gain stability and this will be reflected in your photos. The position does not cause any discomfort so you will take your photos with ease and confidence.


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