Taking Wonderful Photos At Halloween

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halloweenHalloween is one of the best holidays of the year where you get to go out “trick or treating” and to decorate pumpkins.

Like all other holidays Halloween only comes once a year and you will always want to cherish all those moments and scary costumes you wore before.

The best way to keep these memories alive is to take Halloween photos.

There are a few things you have to get right if you want to get the perfect Halloween pictures.

Lighting is the first important aspect of Halloween photos. Since most of the photos are going to be taken at night you have to make sure you have adequate lighting otherwise your pictures won’t come out good.

Halloween costumes and jack-o-lanterns provide some helpful additional lighting however you still need a good camera flash and if possible another light source for example, a torch.

When shooting under low light you will have to set your digital camera at a high ISO rating of 400+. Most importantly you have to hold the camera as steadily as possible if you don’t have a flash, make use of a tripod.

The importance of lighting can’t be overemphasized because Halloween costumes are normally dark and so you need light for them to show.

When taking Halloween picture you want to create a spooky, creepy mood, so the best thing to do is to use lighting effects.  [Photography Lighting Techniques]

Lighting effects don’t have to be expensive; all you need to do is get some coloured filter to cover the lamps and flash. This way you can illuminate the scenes in red, green, blue or any other color you want.

To get great pictures you need to be creative, make the subject of your photos exciting. To achieve this you will have to get many pumpkins with scary faces, make sure that they have many candles in them for the lighting effect; jack-o-lanterns are another thing you can add in the photos.

And lastly make sure the costumes are convincingly scary. Another great tip would be to document the transformation everyone has gone through, this means taking a photo before and after the make-up has been put and if you want you can also take photos during the make-up process. Doing this makes it easier to identify everyone.

Backlighting is another important tip you can use to make scary pictures, backlighting a subject creates a silhouette. You can take pictures of people in silhouette holding jack-o-lanterns.

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  1. kandy says:

    Fantastic photo tips for the spookiest time of the year – love them! I am going to try them this year and maybe my pictures will look better.Many thanks and have a great Halloween.

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