One of the joys of going on vacation is taking travel photos. However, many people come home with shots that look exactly like postcards. This is fine if it’s what you’re interested in, but you can simply go on the internet to find a dozen photos of the Eiffel Tower that all look the same. In fact, you don’t really need to take your camera if you can pick up a postcard on your travels.

This isn’t to criticize those types of shots, but you have the opportunity to try something different and creative while on vacation. For instance, you might want to find a charming scene somewhere and simply wait for somebody to enter it and have the picture tell their story. The best way to take travel shots is to try and remember your last vacation and what stood out.

Think Outside of the Box When Taking Vacation Shots

For instance, was it the famous attractions, the bustling marketplaces, the freshly cooked food in the shop windows, old men playing chess in a public square, an elderly lady walking her dog, colorful conversations going on at the outdoor cafes, or the street buskers and vendors etc. Different things will interest different people.

But the next time you find yourself away from home, you might want to skip taking a photo of Big Ben and create your own iconic scenes, memories, and stories. A good way of telling a story is to take a few photos of scenes that have signs in them.

For instance, you’ll find some creative store signs and names in foreign countries. You could also take a few shots of the prices of the local goods at the market, street signs, town names, and even newspaper stands etc.

If you’re going to take travel photos with people in them, it’s usually a better idea to capture local residents going about their daily business than shooting tourists. You might be surprised at how interesting these photos can be. They’re quite simple, but they often tell a story and capture the true way of life in your destination. The human element always adds interest.

You can also tell a story by taking several different shots of a scene or location. For example, you may want to take a wide-angle photo from above of a city market and then follow it up with several shots inside the venue. You can take photos people buying things, children checking out toys, and the salespeople, etc. The wide-angle shot can act as the cover for your small photo book with the inside shots acting as the book’s pages.

If you’d like to take some photos of your family or traveling friends think outside the box. An image of somebody standing in front of a monument has been done millions of times before. It’s more interesting to capture people as they explore their vacation spot. For instance, a photo of your children playing with the local residents or petting a dog is often more memorable.

When you do visit a famous landmark, it’s a good idea to try and capture it from a different perspective. Try different angles and different ideas. And don’t forget, while you’re away from home, some of the local cuisine makes for some fantastic colorful and interesting images. You could also try shooting a different travel photography theme each day.

These are just ideas and definitely aren’t any photography rules that you need to follow. However, if you’re getting bored looking at the same old travel photos you might want to try them out as a way to get a fresh perspective on things.


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