There are quite a few rules that some photographers go by. However, in reality there aren’t really any rules when it comes to something as creative as photography. You may want to consider them as guidelines rather than hard rules. This is because you should always feel free to break the “rules” if you want to experiment with your images.


One of these guidelines is to stay out of the mid-day sun when you’re taking photographs since it creates harsh shadows. But sometimes this simply can’t be done. You’ll find there are many occasions, especially when traveling, that you just can’t grab the photo you want unless taking it out in the sun. When you do take shots in the bright sun, you never have to worry about getting enough light and you may actually notice some things that you haven’t seen before because they’ll be more detailed.

There’s no problem with taking photos of silhouettes and shadows during the day. It’s just a good idea to meter around the shadows instead of on the shadows. If you meter on the shadows the camera will try to brighten up the entire photo. Remember, you can always use fill flash during the sunny hours as it will eliminate or soften any harsh shadows.

You can also include the sun in your photos and if you’d like the sun to feature a type of starburst pattern which surrounds it, you can use a high f-stop, which is a smaller aperture. If you just can’t seem to capture a good shot during a sunny day you can try going inside to see if you can find something like a skylight or a window. This can help you when taking portraits as the indirect light is often very creative.

There are no specific hours that you have to take photographs in. Just because the sun is out and high in the sky you don’t need to put your camera away. Whenever you have the chance to take a good shot just go for it. There’s usually some way to capture it. There’s no doubt that it could be a little bit tricky since there’s a lot of contrast between lights and darks, but you can always exploit the harsh light and use it to your advantage.

Like all types of photography you should feel free to experiment and get creative. Also, as with everything else, it will usually take practice before you can master it. One way to do this is to take your camera out for a walk during a sunny day and take some shots of different subjects. You can take some street photography as well as some architecture and then try some portraits. You’ll find that different situations may call for different accessories such as polarizers and fill flash.

You can also use a lens hood to cut down on any direct flare that is coming into your camera lens from the sun. If you don’t have one handy, try to shade the light out with your hand. However, just remember to make sure that your hand’s not in the image.

Keep these tips in mind to achieve great midday photos. You can also use these pics to inspire you in your Printrunner print business cards design.


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