Just because the weather’s bad outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t take some fantastic photos. In fact, things such as clouds, rain, and snow can easily add to the drama of your images. You can take advantage of all weather conditions if you’re an enthusiastic photographer.


Clouds can make for ideal photos and you may want to try a few black and white shots to add to their effect. A cloudy atmosphere can provide texture to landscape and skyline shots, and make them much more interesting, especially if the photo’s taken from below in an upward angle.

If the skies are pretty dark and cloudy you can let more light into the camera by slowing down its shutter speed. This will allow more light into the device. Make sure the camera’s steady though to avoid camera shake. You may also want to try off-angle flash to help brighten up the photo.

Use the weather to your artistic advantage and don’t forget to use your digital camera’s manual focus option when shooting in bad weather. This is because the auto focus feature might not be able to see through smoke, fog, haze, and rain and it won’t be able to focus properly on your subject.


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