If you are thinking about surf photography tips camera settings you should know that there are a lot of risks connected to surf photography, but if you get that one shot that you have been dreaming about, you will realize that it is all worth it.

Surf Photography Tips Camera Settings


You don’t need the most expensive cameras for good shots. There are numerous manufacturers who offer waterproof cameras for acceptable prices. Keep in mind regarding the point and shoot cameras that there is a time delay before the shot is taken. You will have to learn how long the delay really is.

Water Housing

In case you are looking for camera setting tips for surf photography you have to remember that you will spend a lot of time in water and you will need water housing. This is the box that keeps the camera dry. All in all, you can get all your gear for about $600.


When it comes to the surf photography tips camera settings you should know that the most important aspect is light. You can have the best light early in the morning. The photos you see in magazines are usually front lit. Shooting at sunset is also great, achieving back lit photos.

Shooting from the Beach

The truth about the ideas for surf photography camera settings is that you don’t necessary have to shoot from the water. You can go to the pier to get close enough to the action. You can shoot from different angles while walking on the beach and try some wide shots. Keep in mind that you can use depth of field to your advantage.

Creative Ideas

Creativity can make wonders regarding the surf photography tips camera settings. For instance you could have another person in the foreground and the surfer in the background. You can also use an object to crop the top part of the photo so that the viewers won’t be distracted from the surfer.


Keep in mind that you can’tlearn about the surf photography ideas and camera settings by sitting in front of your laptop. You need hand-on experience and for this you will have to take many walks on the beach and try different kinds of compositions and settings.

It is best for you to come up with your own surf photography tips camera settings to make sure that they are a part of your personality.

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