Sunsets always have a dramatic effect on people so it is just natural that the photographers wish to capture it on film. In case you are interested in sunset silhouette photography you should know that there are some tips that you could use to make the best of your possibilities.


Telephoto Lens

In the majority of the cases the photographers wish to have a blurry or out of focus background. This way the subject will draw the attention upon itself. In this case it is helpful to use telephoto lens because they reduce the depth. However, it is not a must to have them.

Wide Aperture

There are two main reasons for which you should have a wide aperture regarding the sunset photography of a silhouette. First of all it will make the background seem more out of focus and secondly, you will be able to opt for a fast shutter speed.

Cloudy Days

When it comes to sunset silhouette photography, it is best to wait for a cloudy day. This is because the light that penetrates the clouds will produce more than interesting colors. Keep an eye out for occasions of this kind and make sure that you start shooting before or after sunset.

Dull Subject


In case you are interested in capturing sunset silhouettes you ought to know that in the majority of the cases those are the best subjects for this purpose that have a dull look in the daylight. For instance you could opt for a bush that doesn’t look interesting in daytime, but at sunset it comes to new life.


If you do opt for a bush regarding the sunset silhouette photography, it is a good idea to choose to capture only one branch instead of the entire bush. This is because it will be more pleasing to the eye to see only a relatively small black object on the photo.

Shutter Speed

Don’t forget that you have to deal with little light regarding the silhouette capturing at sunset so you will need a fast shutter speed. This is especially important if there is a breeze as well. Again, a wide aperture will prove to be helpful as well.

In order to excel in sunset silhouette photography you have to make sure that you exercise as much as possible and that you grasp all the possibilities that you get.


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