photography4Tired of taking blurred and overexposed photos in sunlight?

The sunny 16 rule is what you need to know to take clear perfect photos.

After all most of the exciting moments take place in daylight and you love shifting your occasions to a sunny day.

With this rule there is absolutely no need for you to carry a light meter along with you everywhere you go when you know you are going to be using your camera.

The process involves changing the settings of your camera to suit the bright day and enable you to take good photos on a bright and sunny day. In this case you have to set up the aperture to f/16 and change the shutter speed to a figure which is nearest the ISO.

An example will be ISO 100 will work with an aperture f/16 and a shutter speed at 1/100 equivalent to 1/125 second depending on your camera. Still confused? An aperture is basically an opening that allow light to pass through the lens on a camera.

ISO rating is a measure of the sensitivity to light of a photographic film and paper. Am sure that cloud of confusion has moved giving you a clearer understanding of the rule.

The sunny f/16 rule works with the amount of sunlight available at that particular time and how much falls on the subject and the area in which the subject is at.

With the way the intensity of sunlight changes between morning and afternoon, it makes the rule more efficient and you can rely on it in terms of accuracy.

It is a better and inexpensive option to the light meter. Getting hold of the aperture and appropriate shutter speed information is simple as they come with your film.

Just in case you do not manage to get hold of it the table below can assist you in knowing the appropriate measures.

Aperture Conditions Shadow details Shutter speed
f/ Sunset NIL
f/5.6 Heavy overcast NIL 1/1000
f/6 overcast Limited view
f/11 Slight overcast Soft around edges 1/250 sec
f/16 Sunny conditions distinct 1/125sec

Take note, the shutter speed given in the table, is according to an ISO rating of 100. ISO 200 will require a shutter speed of 1/200 at f/16.

With this table you can take photos of your most memorable moments in any type of weather. Why don’t you make it part of your camera accessories and consult the table whenever you have to.


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