The photographers looking for sports photography tips for beginners should know that although they don’t need top notch equipment, there are some requirements regarding the equipment to make sure that the photos will be of high quality.

Sports Photography Tips for Beginners

Focus servo motor

If your camera has a focus servo motor, you can be sure that your subject will always be in focus even though they might be moving to the front and back and you don’t have to keep the shutter button half pressed. This is a good tip in case you are working with sports that require the players to keep moving around.

Continuous shutter motor

The important point of this tip for sports photography beginners is to be able to take several shots in a row, as long as you hold the shutter button pressed. Usually the cameras can take three photos per second, but the professional ones can take up 8 photos per second.

Constant aperture

When thinking about sports photography tips for beginners it may be useful to have lens with constant aperture, because they make taking shots easier. As a result the aperture won’t change when zooming in and zooming out, and you will have more consistency with your pictures. This is especially important for the nighttime games.

Vantage point

In case you are thinking about the beginners’ ideas for sports photography you have to ask yourself whether you are in the best spot to take photos. Usually photographers try to shoot from the player’s level for better dynamics. This way the viewers will see the face of the players.


This is also an important element of the sports photography tips for beginners. Make sure that there are no distracting elements. If this isn’t possible, choose the background that is the least distracting. Nonetheless you should also know that the complex backgrounds can add interest to a photo.


Keep in mind that it is important for the horizon to be at level, if possible. In case the horizon isn’t at level it may look like the players are sliding out of the image.

There are many sports photography tips for beginners that you should adopt to make sure that you have professional looking photos even if you can’t really make everything perfect the first time. Make sure that your photos express the dynamics of the sports.


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