If you are looking for sports photo shoot ideas you should know that you have to expect a lot of movement and a lot of dynamism, so you have to prepare accordingly. It is best to plan your actions in advance so that you won’t be caught off-guards by the situations.

Sports Photo Shoot Ideas

High ISO

In case you have a high ISO it will be possible for you to shoot at a high shutter speed so that you will be able to freeze the movement. The pros use a 1/1000 shutter speed. While this is suitable during the daytime, at night you might require a faster F stop. The ISO will enable to camera to sense more light.

Make a Difference

The sports photo ideas for shooting don’t have to be boring. For instance you could forget about shooting at eye level and go lower while using wide angle lens. The point is to come up with something new that is specific for your style and that adds value to your photos.


While you may have your hands full with the sport itself, you should never forget about the surroundings. For instance, when thinking about sports photo shoot ideas you may be in a sports arena filled with cheering fans. Capturing that moment can really present the feel and atmosphere of the game.

Bag or Equipment Belt

You can’t really use the tips for sports photo shoots if you have only your camera in your hand. Most probably you will have to change lenses and you need something to carry the lenses in. You may be thinking about a vest, but it is quite impractical so you should go for a belt or a bag.

Long Glass

Although you may have never thought about this, to make the best of the sports photo shoot ideas you may need the longest and most expensive lens available. This way you will be able to take great photos no matter where you are; the long glass will bring everything closer to you.


One of the worst sports photo shoot ideas that you will ever find is to check the photo that you have just made. This will make you take your eyes off the game and it might result in losing the most important moment. In some cases the practice could also turn out to be dangerous for your physical health.

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