Outdoor photography is one of the trickiest types of photography and is also quite challenging. Outdoor photography is considered difficult by many because it is difficult to use natural light to own benefit at all times and it only involves certain elements which we do not have a control on, such as breeze, excess sunlight, unexpected rain, fast motion etc. But at the same time, outdoor photography can be made very interesting if we remember a few tips and tricks and take care of certain things in advance. The following are some creative outdoor photography ideas which can be used by anyone.

Some interesting and creative outdoor photography ideas

Be Prepared

The first thing to remember is to be prepared for outdoor photography a little in advance. Make sure your camera is ready and has been set on the right settings, the tripod stand is adjusted at the right height and angle and you have important camera accessories ready.

Use Predictive Autofocus for Images of Flight

If you are clicking birds during flight and cannot adjust camera settings very swiftly, then you must remember to use the awesome function of predictive autofocus which helps you click sharp images of motion or flight without shaking the camera or image.

Add a Person to the Landscape

If you are going for landscape photography, then always try to add a person to the frame as this provides a focal point for the eye and also adds perspective to the composition.  Landscapes without people in it might even be difficult to sell.

Composition is Important

In the case of outdoor photography, composition is one of the most important factors to get a good shot. It is important to compose simple and remove all the nonessential elements from the frame. Remember not to place the subject in the middle of the frame and the fact that less is more.

Give it Time

Outdoor photography must be given enough time and experimentation is important. Don’t try to rush in or be impatient for getting the best shot. Rather wait for the right amount of light, the right motion of the subject and the perfect composition.

Don’t Fix your Position

To get the best shot, you cannot be stuck at one position and expect the scene to get perfect on its own. You might need to change your position more than once for that ‘wow’ shot. So bend down on your knees, move closer to the subject, climb a hill or even lie flat to click the pictures, if this is what it takes.


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