You may face some difficult situations sometimes while using digital cameras. However, there’s usually a quick and easy way to rectify them. These are some solutions to common problems.

If your camera menu freezes just take the battery out and reinsert it. This should reboot the camera.

If your battery’s dead and you don’t have a backup, you can often get a few more shots if you have a rubber eraser and erase the metal contacts on the battery.

Simple Solutions for Common Problems

Some people leave batteries in their camera for years and then find the batteries have leaked inside of it. If the batteries were alkaline you’d have to clean it up with an acid. You can do this by soaking a cotton swab in citric acid or white vinegar and cleaning it.

When your last memory card is almost full and you still have more photos to take you can use the lowest quality setting to make sure the jpeg files are as small as possible. You can also reduce the image resolution.

If you need to take a portrait shot, but only have a wide-angle lens with you, back up and turn up the resolution. Place the subject in the frame’s center and shoot. You can then crop the photos later.


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