There are a lot of special effects that you can use to make your films more interesting, such as slow motion. If this is an effect that you like, you might be interested in slow motion camera tips. This is an interesting effect that will add a special feeling to the film.

Make the Most of Slow Motion Camera Tips


Don’t use it too much as tips for slow motion camera

When you learn to use the effect, you will be tempted to use it too often. At the beginning it will be exciting and interesting, but when used too much, the films will become boring and dull. It is best to use the effect only once per film. This way the film will be professional and useful.


In order to be able to use the slow motion, you need good light. When recording you have to use the high speed setting. As a result light won’t have as much time to create the pictures. If you don’t have enough light, the pictures could be too dark. When shooting indoors, you will need additional light sources.

Type of the camera

If you want to use the slow motion camera tips it is best to have a camera that comes with a high speed setting. These kinds of cameras will record enough content for the slow motion parts to be of high quality. On the other hand, if your camera doesn’t have this kind of setting, it will struggle when recording.

You may want to use the tricks for slow motion camera even if you have a camera that captures 30 fps. In this case it is best if you add the effect by using a special software. Nonetheless, you should remember that the point of the effect is to capture some things that you wouldn’t be able to see if you shot at normal speed.


The professionals who want to use the slow motion camera tips should always find the right speed setting. For instance if you want to record slow motion films of sports, it is best to set the camera to 120 fps or even higher. In case of regular activities the slow motion films should be of 300 fps or higher.


Although you may think otherwise, the slow motion camera tips don’t necessarily include using a tripod. This is because the speed makes it possible for the pictures not to be blurry.


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