product photographyLight is a big thing for the photography world, but actually the less light you utilize in product photography the better.

It has been stated that continuous light is the best light to work with when taking pictures of products.

Continuous light is extremely better than strobe lights whenever product photography is concerned.

Portrait photographs will often times utilize strobes or flashes because the subject is in motion. A shorter duration flash for these particular kind of movement photos is best to reduce the cause of motion blur that many photos in motion often times get.

Product photography on the other hand utilize objects that are still. Therefore you do not need to utilize a strobe light to eliminate the motion blur that is often times caused by excessive movements.

Continuous light gives off less light than a strobe would. But this light will not be seen as a problem if you decrease the shutter speed which will then offset the overall quantity of light.

And since the object is not in motion you eliminate motion blur completely. The elimination of this blur is assuming that you are utilizing a camera tripod to shoot the pictures with.

Cameras that contain a built in flash hardly ever produce optimum picture images. They can cause a plethora of problems for product photographers.

The light from the flash causes hot spots in pictures to illuminate which in turn makes glare in the photographs more apparent.

Often times the light from a camera that has a built in flash will cause excessive dark shadow spots. No one wants to see these spots when they are trying to focus on a specific object. Built in camera flashes do serve a purpose in photography, yet the only purpose they serve in product photography as being an extreme nuisance.

Built in flashes are great to capture pictures of people, and should always be turned off if you are taking pictures of products. The flash in pictures of people, makes their overall features more apparent, however you should be well aware that a flash that gives off too much light will cause spots as well as excess glare in your photos.

When you are turning the flash off of your camera, you need to ensure that the auto flash is disengaged as well. People often times forget about this built in feature, and end up disgusted when their pictures do not come out as planned.


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