drizzling rain 1If you live somewhere with great light because the sun always shines at the right time then consider yourself lucky as a photographer.

Unfortunately, the weather can try and make conditions awkward; the job of the person behind the camera becomes a bit harder.

It is a good lesson to go through, so the next time if conditions are dull and overcast, or too bright and glaring then go outside and embrace them. Obviously, in darker circumstance your equipment will enhance the natural lighting and make a big difference.

However often a change cannot be made and you have to use what you have. So look at things differently and try creating a different atmosphere in your pictures. Some objects will stand out; even drizzling rain can suddenly become an interesting backdrop to your subject.

If there is too much light, make use of shadows and be creative. Before even taking your camera out of the case look around and see if anything catches your eye.

A lighted sign may offer an interesting affect on a cloudy street scene or the lights from passing traffic may add an unusual twist.

Reflective objects can be useful, like shop windows or advertising hoardings. Most of all it is all about thinking outside of the box and letting your creative juices flow. Sometimes more difficult conditions can make for a fantastic perfect photograph.

Not only that but you will appreciate the light and its uses much more after you’ve had to work so much harder without it.


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