Many digital photography passionates are sad because they think they cannot take professional looking photos. These people should know that a few smart tips would for sure get the job done without taking a lot of cash out of their pockets.

In order to focus a portrait, pick as a center point the eyes of the subject. You better use a darker diaphragm and a field depth so all the elements of the face will be clearly reproduced.

When you try to photograph a person wearing glasses and want to make it look professional you might meet the common problem of studio lights sending secondary reflections in the glasses’ lenses when the person is looking straight at the objective.

This can be easily fixed if you ask the person to slightly rotate to one side or the other until they cannot maintain visual contact with the objective.

If you want a softer image but have no cash available to spend on filters you can try pulling over the objective a black lady stalking. Still this is functional only with large diaphragms and the strength of the result can be modified by stretching the stalking.

The water drops so craved in advertising photography are pretty difficult to produce. A smart idea is to spread silicon based cream on the item and then spray it with water. The effect is the same and you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to produce it.

Photo Credit: mikebaird


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