If you are living by the seaside or planning on a trip to the sea, you might be interested in seascape photography tips. These will make sure that you can immortalize the moment and you will be able to pass on the same feeling to the viewers that you had when you took your photos.


Seascape Photography Tips

Just like in case of any other landscape photo, there is need for an interesting foreground. At the seaside you could be looking for interesting rocks or rock formations. Instead of just taking a photo of them, try to find a pattern. It is best to experiment with different kinds of point of view.

The Angle

In case you are interested in ideas for seascape photography, you might know that the majority of people take shots by bringing their camera to the eye. However, you can also place the camera closer to the ground to achieve more dramatic effects.

Shutter Speed

When it comes to the seascape photography tips, it is important to think about shutter speed. When taking shots of the sea opt for a fast shutter speed so that there will be no motion blur. Depending on the speed of water, you could use a shutter speed of 1/20 seconds.

Slow Shutter Speeds

Slow Shutter Speeds

Photographers know regarding the seascape photography ideas that photography isn’t always about capturing reality. You can achieve artistic pictures by choosing a slower shutter speed and allowing the water to become blurry to express its dynamics.


Basically speaking, the seascape photography tips refer to two different kinds of filters: ND and GND. GND is used in case the dynamic range setting is too much for your sensor. This is usually the case of sunrise and sunset when the sky becomes very bright compared to the ground.

ND Filters

ND Filters

The main purpose of this sensor is to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor of the camera. According to the tricks for seascape photography you should use this sensor when you opt for a slow shutter speed. If you use a fast shutter speed, there should be no need for you to use this filter.

There are a lot of seascape photography tips for you to know about, but most probably you will figure them out on your own by practicing and experimenting with different settings and with different locations to see which ones work for you.


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