Many people take photographs as a profession or at least as a part of their job. However, the majority of people in the world usually take them as a hobby or to keep special memories. But sometimes even the pros can run out of ideas and photography can become more of a chore for them than fun.

If you’re trying to feel the inspiration to take photos you may want to try a few different things to spark up your love life with photography. For example, you may want to try a different topic. If you’ve beentaking landscape shots for years why not mix things up and try out some street photography.

How to Regain Your Photography Inspiration

You might also want to try hanging out with a friend or two if they share the same passion for photography as you.

This will enable you to exchange ideas and perhaps take some shots together and experiment with new techniques. You can always learn from other photographers.

If you own just a couple of lenses you could try trading lenses with your friends to try out different perspectives or even rent a different lens for a weekend.

You should be able to hire a lens at most good camera stores. For instance, you could try out a macro or fisheye lens if you don’t have one.

A good way to regain some inspiration is to make up a list of subjects you’d like to photo but have never gotten around to it. You can then tick them off your list one by one as you capture the shots. You can do the same with different techniques. For instance, if you’ve never tried your hand at macro photography you may find there are hundreds of subjects right in your own backyard.

If you do a bit of research and reading you may find there are several types of photography you’ve never tried before or maybe never even heard of. Another good idea is to go back in time and if you have an old film camera use it and find out why you fell in photography in the first place.

This will allow you to better understand the basic principles of photography and appreciate everything your digital camera can do for you.

Try to incorporate some fun or games in your picture taking. One day you could just take shots of things that are red in color or people who wear glasses or only Toyota cars, etc. This will keep you on your toes and make things quite interesting.

If you really love photography, why not spread your knowledge and teach somebody else about it? You could give lessons to your children, relatives, friends, or family, etc. If you feel nobody appreciates your photos but you, a good idea is to volunteer your time and skills and then you’ll realize that others appreciate your work too.

You can also share your images with millions of others by creating an online blog or joining up with an internet photo group. This enables you to share your favorite shots with others and have them comment on them.

You may learn something new this way as well. In addition, this type of online community will also allow you to study and appreciate the work of others and you may gain some inspiration from them or some ideas for topics etc.

If you’re really out of ideas, it could be a good idea to put the camera away for a week or so and see how much you miss it. Chances are you’ll be charging up its batteries in no time.


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