When it comes to photography, rain can create a sense of panic in the most seasoned photographer as well. While some photographers wait for the rainy season to start to click their desired shots and photos, others may just be afraid of shooting when it pours from the heavens above.  But with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can put your fears to rest and come up with beautiful rain shots. The following are some of the most amazing rain photography tips and tricks you can try:

amazing rain photography tips and tricks

Pack the Right Gear

Being prepared with the right gear can help you win half the battle when it comes to rain photography. Some of the things you will need to carry for shooting in the rain include umbrellas, a bag for your camera gear, a plastic sheet or bag to cover the camera and lens white shooting, a lens hood, a tripod stand, a clean cloth to wipe off if rain happens to wet your gear and a towel.

Aperture Setting

Shooting in the rain can mean shooting in dark and damp light which may make the shots appear darker. Thus in order to get in more light into the shot, you may need to have a big aperture setting. It is a good idea to open up your aperture upto f/8, f/4 or even wider if your camera or lens allows.

Watch the Light

One of the main things to look for or keep in mind while clicking some shots in the rain is the lighting. Rain means cloudy weather and cloudy weather means less sunlight or natural light.  But cloudy days bring an opportunity to shoot in a wonderful ambience and light. This can help create some lovely shots and beautiful compositions.  Even black and white shots of the rain and your subject come out to be beautiful.Make the Most of the Rain

The kinds of compositions that can be created in the rain are hard to find otherwise. The water dripping from the leaves, the puddles of mud, wet hair and some smiles are hard to catch in other weather conditions. So make sure you make the most of the rain and look for compositions which you can only achieve in the rain. Bring in the umbrella, the rain coats and the couples sitting close together under one umbrella in your shots.

Photo Credit By: nivatsky.files.wordpress.com

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