Decision making and planning are a big part of successful photographs. These pointers may help you get better shots.

1. Use a wide lens

It’s a good idea to use wide lenses when taking landscape shots if you are trying to create an impact of size. The widest lens possible will allow you a larger angle of view.

2. Keep subjects sharp

If the subject is sharp it will attract viewers’ eyes. You can practice this by using a tripod during low-light situations. You can also sharpen images with computer photo-editing tools afterwards.

3. Clean backgrounds

The background can often make or break a photo. Try and keep the background clutter free and simple to draw attention to the subject.

4. Here comes the sun

It’s a good idea to position yourself so the sun is at behind you and the sunlight falls on the subject.

5. Use different angles

Look up and down and try to figure out if there are any different vantage points you can take your photo from. Using unexpected angles can often result in a more creative and interesting shot.

6. Take your time

Unless you’re taking action shots or something spur of the moment, you’ll probably have the time to check out different positions and adjust the framing prior to taking the photo.


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