Many photography enthusiasts enjoy taking studio shots, but feel they can’t afford a studio. However, it’s pretty easy to convert a room into a pretty good studio.

You should choose a room that’s about 15 to 18 feet in length and then allow about 12 feet in between your camera to the background. This will also give you room for any lighting equipment.

The room should ideally be about least half as wide as long. It’s a good idea to paint ceiling and walls with a white, matte finish that’s easily washable.

A room that has a simple shape is the best for versatility.

A high ceiling will help for soft and even lighting as well as high-angle camera viewpoints.

If there are any alcoves, baseboards and fireplaces in the room you can box them in or take them out to streamline room’s shape.

Make sure there are enough electrical receptacles in the room or a heavy-duty one that has a distribution box with a long extension.

It’s a good idea to pick which walls will be used as backgrounds before putting in any receptacles. You’ll probably need a good fan or air conditioner as the lighting can get pretty warm.

Set your camera up opposite from the background walls and use reflector boards to reflect light onto shadowed areas and then set up your lighting.


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