photo greeting cardsA new Christmas tradition has been created, that of personalized photo greetings cards.

It is popular because the whole family can become involved and also it sends a more personal message to your friends and relatives.

Inspiration can even come from ordinary greeting cards you receive, after all these manufacturers have been doing it for years so take advantage of their knowledge.

Ideas can come from anywhere and the internet is a great resource if you have access to it. It is just a case of using your imagination and developing your theme from there.

The key to achieving the perfect photo card for any given year is to start preparations well in advance. Perhaps even during the actual festivities, when taking snaps, consider whether a particular image in your camera lens, might be a candidate for next year’s Christmas photo card.

If you usually go for a formal setting, with a professional photographer, why not try something different. With the right computer software most pictures can become great photo cards and it will also inject more personality into the project. Children, of all ages love to get involved in these types of activities, so make sure they get an input.

Increasingly there is an element of competition between households with regards to photo cards, you can ignore this or go for broke and make the greatest photo card amongst your friends and family. There is nothing wrong with a healthy bit of rivalry and there are no losers only winners.


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