If you are thinking about taking pictures of wild sea animals you should know that the majority of photographers believe that the images are supposed to fuse aesthetics, emotions, technical ability, originality, and magic in order to tell a story about the life of wild animals.

See the ocean

See the ocean

Before you start shooting, you have to know that about 90% of all sea animals live in the shallow waters surrounding land. For instance at the Seychelles you can find banks of needlefish between the corals. Although you might think that this is an easy shot, you have to make sure that you don’t damage the corals while shooting.



If you ever get the possibility to take photos of wild sea animals like this, you should grab the opportunity. These are sea slugs with soft bodies but that come with amazing stripes and spots. They use their colors as defense and camouflage.

Napoleon wrasse


You can take pictures of wild sea animals like this in Micronesia, in Palau. The padded lips of the fish play an important role in absorbing the urchins’ barbs and other reef creatures that they usually feed on. This is one of the most special sea animals that you could ever capture inside a shot.

Cleaner Wrasse fish

 Cleaner Wrasse fish

The truth about the wild sea animals’ photos is that it is difficult to catch this fellow because it is really tiny. They live in the waters of the Republic of Palau. They are known to be the vacuum cleaners of the reefs, cleaning the waters of parasites, food, and the dead skin of other fish.



You can find animas of this kind in Miami, Florida. If you are looking for pictures of wild sea animals of this animal you should know that their sting is very painful. Also keep in mind that if they sting you, you will be in a lot of pain, even if the animal is already dead.

Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle

Some of the most interesting creatures of the Pacific Ocean are the green sea turtles. Make sure that you don’t miss them out regarding the wild animal photos of the sea. Remember that these are an endangered species, so it might turn out to be difficult to find them.

Taking pictures of wild sea animals is a life experience that you will never forget and you will also become a fan of this type of photography once you tried it for the first time.


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