Taking a group photo should mean more than just pushing the button. In order to make sure that you take good photos you might be interested in photography tips on group photos. There are several techniques you could use; choose the most suitable one for each occasion.



In order to improve the composition of group photos, you should start with this tip. The different height levels will make sure that the viewers won’t be distracted by other elements in the photo and they will see the group as a whole. For instance you can have the parents in the back and children in the front.

Nobody should be covered

This is the first thing that people will notice if you don’t follow the group photo’s photograph tips. This is why it is important to scan the entire group before taking the shot. Some photographers tell their clients that if they can’t see the camera, the camera can’t see them. Nonetheless, this doesn’t guarantee that someone won’t be covered.

Have fun


When looking for photography tips on group photos, you should allow the subjects to unfold. This is important because you simply can’t control all the subjects at the same time. One of the ideas you may use is to have the subjects run towards the camera or let the subjects sit around a sofa, like they would for a movie night.

Uneven footing


To make sure that the heads of the subjects are on different levels, you should have them on uneven footing, as one of the photography ideas for group photos. For instance you could have people on a staircase to have them standing on different levels.

Tighten it


In case of the photography tips on group photos you have to prepare for the fact that people want their personal space respected so they may spread out. It is important to make the group look like it is a whole so you may have to keep asking the subjects to get closer together.



When it comes to the group photo’s photography ideas you should forget about the rule of thirds and use the triangle rule instead. This means that the people on the bottom should form a wider line than the people on top, so that in the end you will get a triangle.

Sometimes you have to follow your gut instead of the photography tips on group photos.


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