Shooting a funeral can be a very tough and challenging task. Not only is it disturbing but is also difficult in terms of capturing the emotions and feelings appropriately. A photographer needs to be sensitive to the feelings of the people and also has to complete the task as professionally as possible.

Combining these two things can be tough, while also managing your own emotions at the same time. The following are the 5 top tips for photographing a funeral that may prove helpful.

tips for photographing a funeral

1. Be Sensitive

The first and the most important tip to photograph a funeral is to be very sensitive. Of course, this is part of your job and you must remain professional but in the process, you must be careful not to hurt the sentiments of others and be careful about not coming in the middle of any ceremonial procedure. Give people the space they deserve and do not force them to pose, smile etc.

2. Seek Open Communication

Another tip to follow is to seek open communication. Always ask before photographing someone at a funeral and always take permission before going to a funeral for photography.  Make sure you maintain your space and establish connection with everyone in the family so that they get comfortable around you.

3. Do not Shoot with Flash

It is best to go for black and white shots and avoid the use of flash as much as possible. Try to make use of as much natural light as possible and carry a stand to shoot well even in low light conditions.

4. Take Natural Shots

At a funeral, you can’t walk upto people and ask them to pose for you. You have to make it a point to take only natural shots. Many beautiful shots can be clicked at a funeral without having to ask for people to pose. Capture the close relatives of the deceased without getting in the middle of their emotional moments. Use a zoom lens to avoid getting too close to people and to be able to capture them from a distance.

5. Be Confident

You may feel emotional and may think that you won’t be able to do it. But be confident and trust your abilities. Remember that you are a professional and clicking pictures for the family is a job that you must get through with grace.

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