Okay, you all know what the paparazzi are: those people who smother celebrities where ever they go, snapping pictures left and right all in the name of money. They may be hiding in a car or perhaps a tree; they may even be lurking just outside the bathroom window. While most paparazzi showcase their large flashing cameras wherever they please, some go about their invasion in a more clever way: through the use of mobile phones and mobile broadband.


Paparazzi are disliked by most celebrities because of their stalking behaviour and refusal to stop taking their pictures – which are then sold to various news agencies and tabloids. What happens when the paparazzi stop using flashy photography and use their mobile phones instead? Well, that means that even your most secluded get-away spot can be lurking with mobile phone-wielding paparazzi.

While you may be thinking that paparazzi are all professional photographers, anyone with a mobile phone can take a photo of a celebrity and sell it to a national publication; all they really need is a high mega-pixel phone, such as what you can get with a 3G broadband iPhone 4 or Nikon.

In fact, any phone with a built-in camera is able to take a quality picture even in the dark. This means that anyone with a mobile phone could possibly become paparazzi – even without taking pictures of celebrities.

The ability to snap a picture really fast and automatically send it to everyone makes mobile phones a dangerous weapon to the paparazzi. Imagine lying out on the beach and the person next to you is playing a game on their phone – even though it’s pointing in your direction.

Are they really playing a game, or are they secretly filming you with their camera? Now you get the idea. Also with the use of mobile broadband, the images can be quickly edited. There are then on a small notebook computer and then quickly dispatched to the editor.

Whether you’re at the movies or in the night club, anyone with mobile broadband and a built-in camera phone can be filming you without your consent.

How do you combat something that you don’t even know is happening? That’s a hard question; however, if you’re ever in a situation where someone’s phone is aimed directly toward you, never assume it’s a coincidence. Because your picture can be taken by anyone at anytime, you should probably never do anything that you wouldn’t want anyone to see.


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