The truth is that there are a lot of photographers looking for outdoor portrait photography lighting tips. This is because a portrait isn’t only about the face of the subject; it means everything that has to do with the photo, to the last adjustments that you make.

Natural light


The first and most important thing that you have to learn about sunlight is that there is a golden hour; early in the morning and late in the afternoon the sun has a warm and soft light which is just great for portraits. It is best to avoid taking shots during the middle of the day.

Reflector and natural light


As one of the most popular strategies regarding the outdoor tips for portrait photography lighting, you can place the subject into the shade, but use a reflector to have some light on them. It is best to have the reflector in half light, so that the light on the subjects won’t be too harsh.

Light panels


When it comes to the outdoor portrait photography lighting tips, you should also know about the light panels. These work just like the reflectors, but they are larger and they are able to shed light on larger subjects. Again, you could have the subject in the shadows and use the light panels to have some light on them.

Strobe and flash


In case you are interested in the outdoor portrait photography lighting ideas you should know that if you have access to power and you are shooting a static image, it is best to go for the lighting umbrellas and mono light strobes. If you are preparing for a simple work, it may be enough to have a single flash.

Strong lighting angle


The photographers looking for a strong lighting angle regarding the outdoor portrait photography lighting tips might want to use an umbrella and a strobe. Have the subject in the shadows but add some light to them with the umbrella to make them stand out from the background.



By using the right outdoor portrait photography lighting tips, you can add drama to your photos. For instance, you might want to darken the sky through fast shutter speed. Add a strobe to the left so that the entire photo won’t become too dark. Add a second strobe to the element of the photo that you want to focus on.


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