Usually light is a given thing that determines that quality of the pictures. However, by using outdoor off camera flash techniques you can make your pictures come to life even when the natural light isn’t the most favorable. Nonetheless, if you don’t use them correctly, you could end up ruining your photos.


Ambient Exposure

The professional photographers usually start with the combination of a neutral or interesting background. Then they position their subject in front of the right background so that they achieve a visually pleasing composition. In the end they create a balance of the exposures between the subject and the background.

Flash Sync Speed

In case you have to work in bright light with the off camera flash techniques outdoors it is important for you to understand what happens when you use the flash sync setting. Usually the bright light makes the photographers use a small aperture. As a result the photo will have more depth than the photographer would like.


In order to make the best of the outdoor off camera flash techniques you ought to use an ND or neutral density filter to be able to control the dept. On the other hand, this will make you lose some of the effectiveness of the flash.


If you wish to use the outdoor off camera flash methods you will need a softbox placed at a 50-60 degree angle from the camera to the height where the light comes from about 50 cm above the head of the subject. This way there will be some light on the head, face and shoulders of the subject.


Although you might say that there isn’t much you can do about the light regarding the outdoor off camera flash techniques, keep in mind that you can measure it. Find out the available light exposure and take down your exposure by one step. You can do this through the ISO choice or shutter speed.

The Method

People often ask professional photographers about their settings and the camera off flash methods for outdoors that they use. The truth is that the settings don’t really matter as long as they have the right exposure.

Although there are some outdoor off camera flash techniques that you can learn, experience makes a big difference, so you will just have to experiment until you find what works for your photos.

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