When it comes to digital photography, there are few names that are legendary for this matter. Jay Dickman is one of those photographers, which we often call “masters “in the digital art. Here are several advices how to focus your image better and mostly how to use the natural light better.

digital photography

The author of the book “Perfect Digital Photography” is advising anyone, who tried to make portrait images to focus on one detail of the entire portrait.

The photographer said he often used the zoom options and through changing different lenses he focused at one centered detail, which made his photography real art. Dickman is also suggesting using the available natural light, without changing gears.

In case you need to introduce light into a scene, use Four-Thirds Olympus FL-36R. Another setting that is proper for this matter is FL-50R flashes, because they provide more power. The photographer always uses a soft box and a very lightweight.

The lightening system is also good decision. Most of the photographers are also using Gitzo tripod with an Acratech ball head, as well as specific plates for the camera and the lenses. Always back up your images in at least two places and use the WiebeTech ToughTech Mini hard drives, known for their quality.


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