Ansel Adams became famous long before digital photography made its presence in the world. If the maestro would be around today he will for sure take his pick from the amazing offer of DSLR cameras on the market all capable with artistic touch to reproduce some of his talented genius.

The amazing artist became a visionary in landscaping photography using the Zone System to create prints that were able to exactly reproduce his vision.

landscapeWhen presented with the opportunity of using a laser scan to get a better result from the negatives of his art compared to the situation in which they were printed in the photography lab, Adams started to see the immense possibility a digital era would create.

dslr camera

Ansel Adams was known for his image processing style, he used filters, he adjusted exposure and he did pretty much everything the digital cameras do automatically.

He would have loved the digital era because it would have given him the opportunity to visualize immediately the perfection of his art and it would have offered him the chance to spread the wings of his photography genius even further.


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