The majority of the photographers prefer not to use a flash when they shoot at weddings. However, if it is an outdoor wedding, using the off camera flash techniques for weddings is a must, once it gets dark outside. Don’t forget that if you are accustomed to using the sun as a source of light, you are already familiar with using off camera light sources.

Off Camera Flash Techniques for Weddings

Family photos

Usually the family photos are formal photos and so it is important for them to be well lit. This is why photographers often fire both the off camera and the camera flash. If you use only your camera flash, the photos could turn out to be flat and boring. It is a good idea to place the flash to your left.

Adding drama

Keep in mind that the off camera flash should have more light than the camera flash to achieve more dramatic results. As a result the photos will have more dimensions. The camera flash should only fill in the shadows.

Beach background

When looking for off camera flash techniques for weddings it is good to know that you will need two flashes even if you are shooting on the beachside. This is because the background is very bright. Make sure that the subjects are well lit and that the exposure is right.

Night shots

The wedding techniques for off camera flash during the night are similar to the techniques used for family photos. The off camera flash should be at the side of the photographer. The only difference is that in this case you can turn off the camera flash entirely.


The good thing about the off camera flash techniques for weddings is that it makes it possible for the photographer to play with the shadows. If you wish to light the couple evenly, place the flash in front of them, to your side. However, for more shadows you may place it to the right or left of the couple.

Back light

For really romantic photos you could use this one of the off camera flash techniques for weddings. You should have the flash behind the couple, but it is important to hide it well. For this the couple should be very close to each other, with their bodies touching.


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