In case you discovered you are passionate about taking pictures for sure you received both praises and critics regarding your work. When evaluating the results of your endeavor into the art of photography there a few things you should keep in mind.

Technical Issues


Composition is everything and in photography, simplicity is the solution when focusing on a subject. You should know that if you don’t have a subject tempting enough to shoot it does not matter what kind of gear you have.

Pack Smartly

It is pointless to carry around a bag filled with lenses, when you will use only a few. Know what you will capture before setting on your journey.


In order to make the best of the composition play a little with the focus. Take several shots before deciding the right distance and always keep in mind that people tend to pay greater attention to the foreground rather than the background.

Capturing Movement

When looking to shoot moving subjects, always set your camera the right way. No matter how talented you are and how performing is your gear, the movement will be a blur without proper camera setting.

Personal Issues

Proper Evaluation

It is pointless to compare your work to photography artiststhe first time you took a picture. Instead consider comparing your work to what pictures you took weeks or months ago. Be realistic in evaluating the positive evolution and know that you are your hardest critic.

You are not as good as your camera

People are under the impression that increasing the gear performance will increase quality, but this is extremely wrong. Instead of investing more , spend more time experimenting. You will both save cash and improve your vision and skill.

Why are you doing it?

It helps to know what to expect from yourself regarding photography. If you plan to shoot regular things like your family, cool looking landscapes and slices of everyday life, you can improve yourself with every opportunity. However, in case you want to become an artist, you will need to experiment and continuously evolve until you find your very own style. Either way have realistic expectations because Ansel Adams did not become a genius overnight.

Show off your success

Always share your work. Taking photos for the proverbial “ drawer” is not the way to go in case you want to improve your photography skills. Enjoy getting feedback both good and bad and learn from the way the world sees your work.


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