Nature is an endless source of inspiration for the majority of photographers so you may be interested innature photography techniques for beginners. Don’t forget that your first shots don’t have to be perfect because you gain experience and you learn something with every photo taken.

Nature Photography Techniques for Beginners

Golden Hour

In order to achieve colors that are appealing to the eyes, photographers often work early in the morning or late in the afternoon. At that time the sun sets lower and it creates a palette of moody colors. The hour before dusk and after dawn are said to be the golden hour.


In case you are interested in the techniques for beginners’ nature photography you should know that composition is everything. Learn about the rule of thirds to make your photos appealing. However, there are some cases when you have to forget about the rules and just follow your instinct.

Get Active

When it comes to the nature photography techniques for beginners the most important thing that you will have to remember is that you have to get out there and explore the world around you. Although riding the car can take you to your destination, in some cases you will have to walk by foot.

Polarizing Filters

If you would like to know more about the beginners’ ideas for nature photography it is good to know that the professional photographers always have a circular polarizing filter in their bag. These can intensify the colors of a landscape and they can help you get rid of reflections and glare.


In some situations the photographers wish to have the elements of the foreground and of the background equally sharp. This can be achieved through the right aperture. You can take this thing to a whole new level through hyperfocal distance focusing. This also means that you use a small aperture.

ND for the Nature Photography Techniques for Beginners

One of the greatest challenges of photographers is to handle the brightness difference of the sky and the ground. In order to work it out you will need a neutral density grad filter. This will make sure that you have a gradual transition of brightness.

If you are looking for nature photography techniques for beginners you should make sure that you don’t try to use techniques that are way too advanced for you because you will have a harder time understanding the basic concepts.

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